VELEV MOTORS are a pioneer in the manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India. We boast of the largest range of electric vehicles in the country and are continually developing new products. We are known for our innovations and creative explorations and strongly believe that if you can dream it, we can build it.

      VELEV MOTORS is the registered and reputed manufacturers of electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle components. Velev motors works closely with the central and state governments to assist formulation of policies and processes supporting the EV ecosystem. We contributed significantly to the cause of promotion of EVs in the country through different regulations based on government orders. Also our all manufacturing products are truely based on customer satisfication and eco friendly.



To provide safe and satisfactory products to our customers with a continuous determination to innovate and provide perfection.


To create an affordable set of products that are eco-friendly and sustainable to the future of Automotive industry.


Velev Motors derives its strength from its clients. The growth of the latter is the preconditions to the growth of the company and hence customers’
satisfaction is its main impartial. In an ongoing process to improve customer satisfaction, Velev Motors offers a various of favours.

  • Aggressive Rates
  • Compatiable Quality
  • Quick Delivery
  • Charging Time Low
  • Best Technical Engineers

Velev Motors has highly knowlegeable certified and devoted professionals with strong adherence to the quality management system.

Velev Motors has offices all over the district and also has a extensive network of authorized distributors, dealers and service centers to serve to all the our customer segments tamilnadu india.

Velev Motors has earned the trust and reputation in India and abroad by winning the customers’ confidence.
Millions of motors have been manufactured and are in operation in Tamilnadu India.